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incomplete. and maryland loses for the first time in career, 24-21. they head to west virginia next week. >>> georgia tech playing host to virginia. the yellow jackets creating quite a buzz early on. pun intended. textbook play from scrimmage. the first one, ken washington has plenty of time to pass. finds zac lassski all alone and goes 70 yards for the touchdown. that is the beginning of a very long day for virginia head coach mike london. third quarter we go, georgia tech leading 35-7. this time, washington runs the option, and this is the touchdown. washington runs for three scores. throws for another. and virginia dominated by georgia tech, 56-20. it is the most points virginia has ever given up against georgia tech. >>> frank beamer, 13th ranked virginia tech facing the winless panthers. this punt here at their own six. and breaks it up the sideline. and two defenders converge. look at the block by ronnie van dyke. he wipes them both out. jarrett on his way to a 94-yard return. so that would cut a deficit to 21-10. later in the third quarter, pitt facing a third and five. tino throw
. virginia tech in the third quarter, down 21-3 and tyshawn and derek pouring salt in the wound. 94-yard touchdown. but they were too much to handle. then to mike shanahan. pittsburgh wins 25-17. georgia tech, first play from scrimmage, kevin washington throws to a wide-open jack glass-steagall has all the time in the world. -- jack laskey who has all the time in the world. then racing up the sideline. georgia tech never looked back. penn state hosting navy. a wide open alan robinson who cuts up field. 14-0 penn state. then a fumble picked up by mike holmes and he is off to the races. penn state' wins 34-7. and the clock has struck midnight for the nhl. the players and owners have failed to come to an agreement and they are in a locked up for when you first got internet at home you probably had one thing online. but today, everything's online. in a few years, the number of devices in your home will double and what we are doing online takes internet speed, not every network can handle it, verizon fios is 100% fiber optic soit's faster and can handle it. and now there's revolution
churches came out to support the mosque. a mosque in virginia was vandalized in what's being called a hate crime. the council on islamic relations says the community needs to be vigilant and offered a $1,000 reward for information in the falls church cases. >> this community, christian, muslim, buddhist. we are one, and we will not tolerate any crime against any of our communities. >> reporter: as a result of the vandalism, fairfax county police say they're stepping up patrols in the area, and they're taking additional security measures though they won't say what those measures are. darcie spencer, news 4. >>> people in prince georges county, got a lesson in self-defense today after the murder of a teen last month. the full circle martial arts academy gave the demonstration in springdale. 17-year-old amber stanley was an honor role student at the school. she was shot to death in her kettering home on august 23rd. people who attended today were asked to donate to the amber stanley fund to help the family with expenses. police are still searching for suspects in stanley's murder. >>> a softb
them is a caustic christian. now cops in northern virginia are afraid of a backlash. we hear about how they feel about the protests and the video that caused them. >>> good morning. and welcome to fox 5 morning news sunday. we'll have those stories, plus a big day for skins fans. we'll have a full preview of today's game. dave roth is in st. louis, as the redskins take on the rams for the second straight road game for the burgandy and gold. >> and also later in the show, basketball great shaquille o'neal is talking binge drinking. we caught up with the four-time champ on capitol hill. >> also later in at the movies, actor bill murray, what is he doing? he's cleaning our film reviewer's boot. >>> but first, today's weather looks like another gorgeous one. you're taking a live picture now at the army/navy half marathon, going on this morning. good morning, gwen. >> good morning, melanie. it's a perfect day for a marathon or anything else you would like to do outside. mother nature, definitely cooperating. let's take a look at our weather maps. here's our fox 5 accuweather satellite and r
12 noon in columbus. making a field goal or two may have made an upset. pad and virginia tech, it caused a fumble eric williams recovers and in business. that leads to a touchdown. third quarter he floats one what a day for gramm three touchdowns pick ups as virginia tech 35-17. more pack 12 action. anthony thomas breaks free and easy win for the ducks their role 63-14 the final. nick's said in an alabama taking on arkansas 17 nothing of tide razorbacks no match for no. 1 team in the country. roll tide 52-0. penn state except first win of the year. he picks up the fumble and goes for 74 yd return. nittany lions beat navy 34-7 first went under coach bill o'brien. bad news for raiders news they do not want to hear a wide receiver kobe ford done for the year he injured his foot in a preseason game and not on the field sense. they are hurting the wide receiver is listed as probable for tomorrow's game at miami. you can see the raiders tomorrow morning on cbs 5 kicked off at 10 a.m. stay tuned for the game between the jets and steelers. a's are set to take on the orioles and a few
points. virginia, obama is up 5 points. florida, obama is up 5 points. mitt romney is no longer in polling, beating obama on trust to handle the economy. >> which is his campaign in one sentence. those three states have one thing in common -- they have all three republican governors. they're bragging, rightfully so, they got their economies up and running. if you add scott walker to that lead, you have the attention to disconnect. with the interest of the romney campaign. >> jon, what's going on behind the scenes here? >> one thing that happened during the democratic convention the romney campaign essentially went dark. you have seen an absolutely bombardment particularly in ohio and in florida, from the obama campaign, hammering romney on especially in ohio, on the auto bailout. there was a romney adviser told me that famous headline that romney himself did not write, "let detroit go bankrupt." could be the headline that cost him the election. the romney campaign has more money. >> because, the auto motive companies went bankrupt. the argument on the bailout is of law. >> becau
from ash ford, virginia. >> charles: and look at that, you see ed reynolds, 29, coming from inside-out. and making a play on the football. >> gus: correction, you're right. ed reynolds was the contact. the redshirt sophomo sophomore. third down, nine. at the 12. marqise lee. the receiver at the top of your screen. empty backfield. barkley underneath robert woods. and he won't get there. wrapped up at the 15 by alex. it's fourth down and four. usc going for it. >> charles: right to the line of scrimmage. first and l on defense. >> gus: 2 of 3 on fourth down conversions. barkley up top! incomplete! lee couldn't get his foot down. and with 1:25 to go, usc turns it over on down. >> charles: lee working, trying to get a split -- there's a foot in the back. i think they're going to have to take a look at this one. >> referee: previous plea was an incomplete pass. the play is under further review. >> charles: catch -- >> gus: he's in. >> charles: we have to be able to see the sideline to make sure there is nothing touching the white of the sideline. because we have to be able to see it to
clouds moving in later in the day associated with a system to the south of us in virginia. the rest of the state looks pretty good, as well. out west, 75 degrees they'll top out at in southern pennsylvania, 74 down south in maryland and ocean city, 75 degrees. currently, this system here in southern virginia, northern north carolina, bringing us spread out cloud cover throughout the area that will continue on and off throughout the day but all that precipitation should stay to the south of us because of this high sitting over pennsylvania and once that washes out, we will be watching more stuff in texas. this next system, unfortunately, this one will probably nab us because once the high pressure moves out, the low will move over us and bring us unfortunately a saturating rain on tuesday. here's the cloud cover moving through the rest of the day. clear to partly cloudy skies through monday. then into monday afternoon and evening, clouds build, then we head into tuesday and rain moves in. you can see this well defined front that will move through the greater baltimore area, most of m
. there will be sprinkles across parts of southern virginia and some of that could get as far north at charlottesville, culpepper, so if you're traveling south, you could run into rain drops there. there's not a lot to it. there's a lot of moisture gathering out of the gulf of mexico, and out of the midwest. this all means rain chances are going up. today, high pressure, holding firm here in the mid-atlantic. by tomorrow morning, a chance of light rain and sprinkles, that monday night, tuesday, and tuesday night. that looks like the best chance at substantial rains around here. bright start on the whole, highs today mid to upper 70s. most of us will spend the day in the 07s. overnight tonight, more clouds, and not quite as chilly. 55 to 665 in the morning. more likely becoming possible. tuesday, on the other hand, could be very close to wash out potential, maybe an inch to two inches potential. rain chances should be easing out of here. we may have to drag that rain into wednesday, and that's exactly what's happening. >> time now, 6:14, reporters look at stories affecting our community. >>> good morni
romney from defeating barack obama in virginia. next. [applause] john: our third presidential candidate is from the constitution party. have been at a copy of the constitution and the declaration of independence. is short telling politicians what they may not do. i like the slogan slower, less costly government virgil goode immediately balance the budget. every department should face significant cuts or eliminated entirely. >> department of education. [applause] national public broadcasting and no funding president of campaigns are any campaigns. i will not take taxpayer dollars. that is $180 million. let them pay for their own conventions. >> protect from unnecessary ford wars? >> we would not be involved unless following the constitution congress declared war. [applause] john: we should not be in afghanistan although they supported those of 9/11? >> it is up to congress. that is up to the congress. john: but then use troops to stop the invasion from mexico. reduce illegal immigration. english is the open shall language. >> but we have a huge invasion of our country from south of the b
, virginia trying to slow down georgia tech. yellowjackets doing what they do best. the triple option. kevin washington, the pitch to swift and he is gone. 77 yards to the house. georgia tech more than 260 yards rushing in the first half alone. uva gets crushed today, 56-20. >>> frank beamer 13th ranked virginia tech visiting pittsburgh. the hokies were having a rough day as well. down 11 in the fourth. cue mike shanahan, the receiver for the panthers, catching the dagger. stomps the hokies 35-17. >>> navy up in state college to take on penn state. both teams looking for their first win. airing it out for alan robinson for the 45-yard score. >>> almost the time to see if robert griffin, iii is the real deal. after pulling off the upset against new orleans, playing in another dome. they've got a chance to go 2-0, but they need to avoid the big win let down. we got a chance to see much more of the skins playbook last weekend. rg3 putting on a performance that earned him multiple player of the week awards but he said that's just the tip of the iceberg. >> every offense involves doing different
. >>> now to a virginia woman who's living the dream, a penny that she bought at a flea market turned out to be a rare long-lost masterpiece by the impressionist renoir. derrick ward explains why the discovery might encourage you to listen to your mother. >> reporter: this painting hasn't been displayed in public since 1926. a few years after it was bought from a french art dealer by a wealthy matron of the arts. she was an enthusiastic collector out of baltimore. from there, the trail goes cold. >> the whereabouts have been unknown. >> reporter: it did show up in a flea market in the shenandoah valley. it got the attention of one of the browsers there, though not for the art itself. >> i originally bought it for the frame. >> reporter: she doesn't want her identity revealed but she said she's never gone to an estate sale and she doesn't stalk flea markets. she thought the best she would get out of this is a nice frame. >> i started ripping it apart. and i was like, maybe i should wait. >> reporter: her mother urged her to get it appraised. that picture did have the artist's name on the f
. focusing on the politics in prince william county, virginia. back to your calls, we are focusing on the "the new york times" editorial entitled "the road to retirement." rosalie is on the phone. caller: good morning. thank you for your show. on this retirement, i was wondering, my husband died of lung cancer at 47. i went back to school, got a good job, saved a lot of money. interest rates are dropping down to one-half of 1%. i used to earn between $1,000 and $2,000 for year. i have earned interest of only $138 on $300,000. and i help my children. as i dip into my principal, because i gave slow interest half of 1%, i cannot help my children as much. we are all being affected. i am extremely angry at the interest rates being so low. it is helping the rich people, but what about older people who have saved all that money and now we are getting 120 something dollars out of it? host: for you personally and others in a similar situation, what do you think the solution is? caller: a quick solution should be some sort of help for older people who have taken minimum distribution out of t
starts with a rally in ohio tomorrow. later in the week, he will be in new york, florida, virginia, and louisiana. he will also, as we just mentioned a few moments ago, be traveling to wisconsin saturday. we'll have more on these stories over the next hour. >>> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu making the rounds on this morning's political shows. the question that kept coming up, is president obama doing enough to back israel and monitor iran? t netanyahu tried to stay out of american politics but stressed someone has to draw a line restricting iran's nuclear ambitions. >> i think as they get closer and closer and closer to the achievement of weapons-grade material -- and they're very close. they're about six months away. i think you have to place that red line before them now. >> nbc's mike vicarus standing by for us now. does the white house hear those words as a shoutout today? >> i think there's no question that there's been tension between these two leaders, president obama and prime minister netanyahu. but there are things they agree on. first of all, they agree that
. 73 in culpepper, virginia, 74 in la plata, maryland. and 76 in annapolis. nothing showing up just yet some of we'll be dry for the rest of this evening. have been a few sprinkles down on the lower parts of the eastern shore, but they haven't been bothering us. as a result. sunday evening looks good. sunny breaks for the next little while. sundown at 7:14 this evening. mid 70s for now. back to the middle and upper 60s by 11:00 and rain drop chances are arising. we'll talk about that on the seven-day, coming up are. >> a calmer day across the middle east and the rest of the muslim world after a week of deadly protests. but today contradictory claims about the attack on the u.s. consulate that killed ambassador chris stevens. libya's president says the attack was planned, but that's not what u.s. officials are saying. nbc's brian mooar has the latest. >> was the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya spontaneous, or did terrorists use protests over an antiislamic film as cover? >> opportunistic extremist elements came to the consulate as this was unfolding, they came with heavy weapons, w
out across west virginia. those are aiming in our direction, but the air mass is very, very dry. but the clouds making those rain drops i think will make it over the mountains. they will dim out our sunshine a bit. sunny breaks for now, a middle pleasant day. can't rule out a sprinkle or two today, but most of the heavy rain comes in on tuesday. back to you. >> thanks, chuck. >> al qaeda is praising the violence and sentiment and they're calling for more attacks. people living in tunisia, sudan, and yemen need to be alert. they recommend that nonvie lal government people leave opinion they sent marines to help secure the violence there, and it all began over a anti-islamic film that went on youtube. >> nour nato shoulders were killed on what appears to be an insider attack. nbc news said the four killed were americans. they were trying to stop an insurgent attack. and prince harry says he's staying in afghanistan no matter what. reports say that he was just o 40 yards from an assault yesterday. they killed two u.s. marines and injured four u.s. soldiers. he's on his second tour
to run ads in ohio, virginia, and florida alone. we'll have more on these stories the the next two hours right here. more now, though, on the last minute cancellation by the romney campaign in colorado. peter alexander joining us now by telephone from pueblo, colorado. the governor was supposed to be speaking in about three hours. >> craig, we are here in denver. we're intending to join the campaign but they gave us a heads-up that the event was canceled. it happened at the result of an experimental plane that crashed earlier this morning where one person was killed and ended up closing two runways. as long as it's under investigation the campaign didn't want to interfere with the emergency response efforts that take place there. clearly that's going to have an impact when a candidate comes into town with all the security he would draw. romney heads off to the state of california, which won't be a competitive state but will speak to a hispanic group. right now he's losing among the latinos and hispanics 2-1. he will follow through the course of this week hitting several battleground stat
something very important. justicece lewis powell, then a lawyer in virginia, wrote this for the chamber of commerce, later became appointed by richard nixon to the supreme court. >> just several months later. >> many people look at the "powell memo" as the charter -- >> the foundational, the foundational document. >> and the first big case in this direction was the "first national bank of boston versus bellotti" case, which he wrote the decision on. and what it said was corporations -- the identity of the speaker is irrelevant, which becomes the key -- >> what does that mean? >> what it means is you can't tell corporations that they can't put their money into politics just because they're a corporation. which has, i guess, a surface plausibility to it. but then would you say that, for example, the city of new york can put money into an election -- >> that could be the next step. >> to tell people how to vote? >> if we had any money. city of new york is broke. >> can churches put their money in? i mean, if the identity of the speaker is really irrelevant. and even the court itself has no
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showers, rain shower to the south of us down in north carolina and virginia and out into the kentucky area. high pressure will keep that away from us. currently at b.w.i. airport, 54 degrees. the dew point around 51. humidity 90%, winds are calm and the barometer is 30.13. all good things must come to an end and the beginning of the week doesn't look that good. we will break that down for you coming up. >> our big story this morning, two more troops killed in attacks overseas. nato says a man believed to be a member of the afghan local police turned his weapon on two service members. >> the attack comes on the same day as the maryland guard unit that trained police in afghanistan returned home. george lettis has more on the story. >> it's fantastic to be home with the family again. >> the more than 40 maryland national guards men and women honored at a home coming saturday were assigned to the international security assistance force in afghanistan. they helped train the afghan army and police in the hopes they'll fight crime and the taliban on their own some day. the mission is a piece of
sup superpacs has surpassed $600 million. many of that to run ads in ohio, virginia and florida. president obama is adding a campaign stop in milwaukee this week. wisconsin next saturday, a state he won in 2008 by 14 points. it's a wbusy week for the president. on thursday he heads to florida. on friday he visits virginia along with new orleans, louisiana. mitt romney kicks off the week with a stop in colorado and los angeles, california, today. wednesday he'll be in miami for a facebook meet the candidates event. beginning this week governor romney and congressman paul ryan will begin receiving regular intelligence briefings from national security officials in the obama administration. >>> west coast headlines are next with a report on why the white house can't be blamed for the higher gas prices. >>> plus, fresh predictions for who will take the house and senate this year. it's all coming up for you in office politics. keep it here on "weekends with alex witt." with the spark cash card from capital one, olaf's pizza palace gets the most rewards of any small business credit car
poll out. in o-o and virginia, 5 point plus lead in those states and romney cannot concede those states, has to win two at them if not all three. >> paul: do you share kim's analysis, why obama got the conventi convention bounce, it was rooted into different presentations of the economic argument? >> i think that obama campaign put out a narrative that people are buying, to what extent it's the president's fault and romney has to do a better job. >> paul: and what is the narrative. >> well, bill clinton laid it out. >> paul: what is it? >> he said that president obama inherited a mess, that obama's policies made sure it didn't get any worse, but that no one could have gotten us back to normal, even him. >> on the the path of-- >> and it makes no sense to return the keys to the white house to the people who got us in the mess. >> and linking romney with bush in a lot of people's minds. >> full disclosure on last week's program i think certainly, and neither felt that neither convention did much to elevate their candidate. obama has gotten a much bigger bounce i think that is anybody was
happen to be tenured professors, state supported institutions like the university of virginia. businesses, if they're smart businesses, charge whatever the traffic will bear. >> steve, you got five girls. all went to college. wouldn't you have liked to have seen those tuition rates go down a little based on their enendowment? spend some money to lower cost? >> then the way you get that done is, again, by what john wants to do and that is remove government subsidies because when subsidies go you up, administrative bloat goes up, sticking point of that, debt goes up. and bay bithe way, david f they don't get their act together, even without reform, you'll see the web do the same thing to higher education what it did to media, turn it upside down. you can get lot of great course now from fine universities on-line for free. >> last word from the guy who had to put five girls in college. coming up, the market running up to multi year highs this week. now get the stocks ready to keep running to their all-time highs. that's coming >> we are back with our former stocks. morgan alliance resource p
. the potentiaial loss of 600,000 bs in our region, especially the virginia-area. let's break the members apart. there is no way to gauge where the jobs woulbe lost, so this looks at if there were a cross- the-board cuts at the same level at every level. nobody expts that. ththey expect heavy job losses, t nobody expects across-ththe bod-cuts. our people lobbying congress against sequestration overall, and at the s same timime saying if it happens, protect my program? >> they are approaching the same sequestration is a mindless, serious threat to the defense industry and national security. this is much more fundantal than fighting ofof specific programs. one of the problems is that it is stregic. it is acro the board. u are right, therere are areasas that c could be exempt. that puts more pressure on other line items. the whi hou has t bring out the specific g guidance e andd tell everne how are they going to administerer such a reckless thing that is putng us all risk. by the way there is almost nobody at ink sequestration should go rward. it is a question of finding an alternative. >> exactl
and virginia showing president obama pulling into the lead, the stakes very high for the romney campaign to do something to carve away at the least. i want to bring in our senior political editor rick klein tonight in washington. we were talking about "snl" last night, the opening sketch. the actor playing the president acknowledging it's a rough economy, the job market bad, too, but -- >> i'm not worried. not in the least. should be. our campaign has a secret weapon. and that secret weapon is speaking right now in tulsa, oklahoma. >> hello, i'm mitt romney. and i understand the hardships facing ordinary americans. for example, this summer, one of my horses failed to medal at the olympics. so, i know hardship. >> "snl" last night. we've heard conservative voices saying that the challenger, in this job climate, ought to be running away with this by now. did they hit on something? >> reporter: this is devastating in a quiet sort of way. this likability gap is not going away. and the fact is for romney, there is no policy description or attack ad strategy is going to change it. the only thing tha
from ash ford, virginia. >> charles: and look at that, you see ed relds, 29, coming from inside-out. and making a play on the football. >> gus: correction, you're right. ed reynolds was the contact. the redshirt sophomo sophomore. third down, nine. at the 12. marqise lee. the receiver at the top of your screen. empty backfield. barkley underneath robert woods. and he won't get there. wrapped up at the 15 by alex. it's fourth down and four. usc going for it. >> charles: right to the line of scrimmage. first and l on defense. >> gus: 2 of 3 on fourth down conversions. barkley up top! incomplete! lee couldn't get his foot down. and with 1:25 to go, usc turns it over on down. >> charles: lee working, trying to get a split -- there's a foot in the back. i think they're going to have to take a look at this one. >> referee: previous plea was an incomplete pass. the play is under further review. >> charles: catch -- >> gus: he's in. >> charles: we have to be able to see the sideline to make sure there is nothing touching the white of the sideline. because we have to be able to see it to
passed and any majority participation has gone up? >> that is right. isn't it true, doesn't virginia when they send out ballots they give you an opportunity where i can have identification so this thing is actually resolved. pennsylvania should be doing the same thing. making it as easiest as possible so people can vote and know who is voting. i don't want somebody that is not that person voting for a presidential election. >> gregg: remember you can file a provisional ballot if you don't have an i.d. >> you have about a week and a half to prove it. >> gregg: thank you good to see you both. >> we're going to be right back. don't go away. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ] [ dog ] we found it together. on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk. yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided i would never, ever leave it anywhere. because that wonderful, bouncy, roll-around thing... had made you play. and that... had made you smile. [ announcer ] beneful. play. it's good for you. >>heather: welcome to a brand new hour inside america's election headquarters. >>gregg:
in america. [applause] rde over there. rde hyperion and from the university of virginia. i noticed in a lot of my christveran friends and real apathy when it comes to political issues do you think that this courio be something that motivates the church to get back involved in politics? ing w so, htes do we articulatet in order to get some excitement? rde tha18s wus a lot of other good books. showing the scandals and how he is tpeaing this into european-svesle s idveralism and many other things is doing wrong , s dh as violating a lot of oamer loss. nobody had risen about this one. have a co author he matameres n, ng book. a lot of the research for it. i hempe it is something that ng ma and their religious people realize we have our future at stpeaer to get with ire youh now, i have seen polls that 50 percent of the evangelicals are among the nonvoters. we need in this year. could your friends to get out there and be samere they get r ameoister and vote. >> how are you keep going? at 87 yronrs oriod boou are proy more relevant and icinortant to take them when you for started incho972. how d
of the mentally ill. holmes wrote a terrible decision in 1927 justifying a virginia law that allowed for forced sterilization of people who were judged to be mentally deficient. that was played back to us by the nazis less than 10 years later. >> for all the social conscience, they did not seem to care much about the african- american community. >> very little, and they were not really interested in specific ethnic groups either. their philosophy was a rising tide lifts all boats. >> the people on the deck were white and the people at the helm were white. >> more specifically, as long as the people in the command center were them. >> how very strange. is our politics any different today? >> absolutely not. the point of this book is that these people that we justly praised and honor for their tremendous sacrifices and accomplishments were at heart just ordinary men and women like us, with some really bizarre failings, many of them -- and i will list franklin roosevelt being won -- could not hold public office today because of his private life, let alone because of his health problems. >> you men
. in virginia, 3.71 a gallon. >> another great day to be outside and thousands of athletes took part in the half marathon this morning. >> so many still recovering from injuries sustained in the battlefield raced for charity. >> get set. >> and they're off. wounded warriors hurt in the battlefield now racing into recovery. more than 4,000 runners joined these warriors for today's air force half marathon. the support was especially porpt to those like lance corporal. rir run with my boys and every time i see guys coming around. >> the retired marine was injured in battle a year-1/2 ago. he lost both legs and also lost one of his best friends. >> he wasn't able to make it so i run this race for him. >> he ran with his friend's picture strapped on to his back pack. >> to see them and know what those -- the family members of those participants go through and what those participants go through. it's an honor to have them at our race. >> the half marathon was running in conjunction with the ninth annual navy. they decided to add the half marathon
national convention. but take a look at florida and virginia. it shoes obama leave but they're within the sampling area, but they're virtually tied. this time they're targeting the federal reserve. the stock market bounced higher this past week after the central bank announced its latest move to stimulate the economy. it's buying up additional dollars in mortgage-backed securities. the program is aimed at pushing mortgage rates even lower but critics including even vice-presidential candidate paul ryan says it's a bad idea that will do little to help the middle class. >> we don't need sugar-high economics, we don't need economic money creation. we need economic growth. we don't want to print money. we want opportunity and growth. and when they do this to our money, it undermines the credibility of our money. >> the obama campaign is responding to the latest attack by saying, quote, congressman ryan has no credibility when it comes to helping the middle class. >>> the 2012 cast is campaign i giving the "snl" cast plenty to talk about. there are a few new places. check this out. >> elec
. from los angeles to chesapeake, virginia. hundreds of cases that were documented that weren't reported to law enforcement. >> and if these weren't i guess reported by these officials within the boy scout, are they saying parents didn't know or what are the alleged victims saying. >> the most outrageous thing about this is there were documents, these perversion files, people that were blacklisted from volunteering. the statements received from victims of abuse were never handed over to the parents. parents had suspicions, never made it over to the children. in fact, we spoke to the boy scouts of america earlier today and they gave us a statement saying we have always cooperated fully with law enforcement and now require members to report even suspicious of abuse directly to local law enforcement. recent media reports looked at a subset of files from 40 years ago. what they're saying is that there's a whole different culture now in the boy scouts. this isn't the case now and this phenomenon doesn't really exist still. it's a different time and that's sort of how they're catching. >> so,
angeles to chesapeake, virginia, providence, rhode island. >> tell us about arthur humphries? >> this is one of the most shocking cases. three decades of leadership. a preference of working with handicapped children. scout leaders knew and documented alleged cases of his abuse and they even gave him a representation letter, don to participate even further at scout leadership conferences. we talked and reached out to the scout leadership, the boy scouts of america, and what they told us in response, they said we have always cooperated fully with law enforcement and now require members to report suspicion of abuse directly to law enforcement. a subset of the boy scouts of america, ineligible voter files, and the boy scouts of america are sort of couching it, saying it's a difficult culture, a different set of leaders and this is not a phenomenon like it was back in the 1980s. >> one shocking case involved a chaplain at a boy scout camp. >> um-hum. a parish leader. in fact, it's the culture of corruption that's most shocking about this guy's case. a case of father ed as he was l
. there's parts of virginia where the union army has a foothold, slavery still exists in those areas. >> president lincoln issued an early version of the emancipation proclamation following the union victory at antietam. take your questions on the battle and repercussions of the single bloodiest day of fighting in american history to day life from antietam national battlefield at me
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